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Otclientv8 - BotServer Updates Lee

There was an issue with the BotServer that was causing it to crash clients. It would try to initiate a connection 5000 times in 10 seconds, which would just keep pushing new operations into HTTP. Operations until it crashed.

This was a quick fix to fix it (it could be improved) but I added it so it'll try to reconnect after 2 seconds, then 4 seconds, 8 seconds, etc.

It also clears out the operation on close (technically this would fix it, but it will still attempt to reconnect over and over and over.)
I also added some new functions

  • isConnected() - checks to see if connected
  • hasListen(topic) - looks for a topic
  • resetReconnect() - resets the auto reconnect (added to BotServer.lua)

The updated code can be found here
if BotServer.isConnected() then
if BotServer.hasListen("list") then
 -- List already exists

11 Mar 2024
Otclientv8 - UI.Container Update Lee

Updated UI.Container to allow you to drag and drop into the first slot (always empty). Here

Once I update the backend stuff on the website I will add them to their own category for now the news will have to do.

04 Nov 2022
Otclientv8 - game_bot connects Lee

Released some updates for otclientv8 game_bot connects.

  • game_bot - mouse connect: Github
  • game_bot - exp/level connect: Github
  • game_bot - Player connects: Github

31 Aug 2022
Open-Source Lee

I get the stuff here is Open-Source, but at least give credit where its due if your going to take this work.
I've seen so many people claiming to have created half my work or trying to re-sell it.
Don't be that guy. You know who you are.

19 Feb 2022
Ads - Discord Widget Lee

I have added a discord widget to the main page. Feel free to join the channel.
Well that was short lived. I chose bare minimal ads and then google decided to fill my whole page full of ads. They are removed now.

05 Dec 2021
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