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These are codes that I have posted on various forums/discord.

I release scripts for free, they work on the servers I use them on.



06/08/22 | 80
Adds a mouse scroll "hotkey" to the game window.

config hash to clipboard

29/05/22 | 352
This copies the hash of a success config upload in vbot to clipboard.

game_market Sell State

17/05/22 | 466
This allows you to see the state of your auctions from the in-game market.

Discord Webhook

14/05/22 | 618
This will allow you to send Webhook messages to a discord server.
I have no plans to help you set it up.
If you find a bug let me know.

App Title+Char Name

12/05/22 | 414
This module renames the client to appname + character name.
Tested on Mehah and OTclientv8

Get Outfits from Tile

26/07/22 | 116
Get outfit of all creatures on tile onKeyPress

exercise dummy

01/07/22 | 286
Allows you to use an exercise wand on a training dummy from the cavebot. (or any other items on something else, searches for item on screen.)

minimap pos

12/06/22 | 328
Adds coords to minimap, allows you to copy mouse cursor tile location to clipboard using a hotkey.

Combobox Parent Width

25/04/22 | 542
This allows you to set the width of a comboox to match the parent size.
This then lets you set the combo box for all the configs in the bot to have a scroll bar and width match the parent to see longer names

XenoBot Menu

26/02/22 | 568
This will create a right click menu similar to Xenobot. If you use vBot, this feature is already built in and will break this if its enabled.

Actionbar per character

01/01/20 | 1.1K
edit game_actionbar\actionbar.lua.
Find function online() and replace whole thing with code below.

Move green text to channel

01/01/20 | 1.2K
Add first edits to: modules/game_textmessage/textmessage.lua
Add the second edit to your bot config.